About me

I am lucky to live in such astonishing times. My background is in design, and I am deeply interested in the confluence of culture, commerce, art and science. I work and play in this unique, unpredictable and volatile space.

I am a director at Ideasutra, a consulting studio I co-founded. We serve organisations in the social impact space. We help our customers create new services, or fix old ones.

At Ideasutra, I am responsible for The-Sandbox, an experimental space funded and managed by the studio. The Sandbox develops projects like Penciljam and Playjam. The former is a nation-wide community of artists who sketch on location. The latter is a model for community-driven Early Childhood Learning.

I am also a speaker on the theme of design and business and briefly served on the Board of Studies at the College of Fine Art (CKP), Bangalore.

Prior to founding Ideasutra, I have held the position of creative director in companies such as Netkraft (acquired by Adea Solutions), iVista Digital and Vaspar Retail.

This is my personal website. I don’t blog all that very much, though when I do, I tend to draw comics, write essays and stories. I like to think of this space as similar to my sketchbook. A space for ideas, often half-baked and not yet fully formed because I enjoy working with the garage door up.

I’m glad you dropped by. I don’t do newsletters, but you can add this site to your feed reader if you’d like.