About me

I am lucky to live in such astonishing times. My background is in design, and I am deeply interested in the confluence of culture, commerce, art and science. I work and play in this unique, unpredictable and volatile space.

I am a director at Ideasutra, a consulting studio I co-founded in 2009. The studio plumbs the crossroads between business, culture, technology and the arts to find useful opportunities and relevant insights. We help our customers create new services, or fix old ones and straddle both business and social impact spaces.

At Ideasutra, I started “the-Sandbox”, an experimental space funded and managed by the studio. Projects that evolved from the sandbox include Penciljam and Playjam.

The former is a nation-wide community of artists who sketch on location. The latter is a model for community-driven Early Childhood Learning.

I am also a speaker on the theme of design and business and briefly served on the Board of Studies at the College of Fine Art (CKP), Bangalore.

Prior to founding Ideasutra, I have held the position of creative director in companies such as Netkraft (acquired by Adea Solutions), iVista Digital and Vaspar Retail.