RCA for the win

About how root cause analysis is the coolest tool in a designer’s toolkit, also because I want to tell a story with HR and cobras in it.

Indian organisations like tight hierarchies. Each function has a role to play, and each role has a set of mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive (MECE) processes.

A tool for each job.

Design is like a multi-tool. Its bonkers.

It is most useful in its verb form. A means to make the future real.

Though it is more likely that it will be used in its noun form.

One memorable project, early in our practice, involved a request for a communication campaign.

Why? – we asked.

“Our employee referral program needs better communication.”

Why? We persisted.

“The referral rate is high, but the quality of referrals kind of sucks.”

Well, why?

In British India, Delhi had a problem of too many dangerous snakes. To eradicate this menace, the Government offered a bounty on dead snakes. Soon, large numbers of dead snakes started coming in. Too many, in fact. An investigation revealed that people were breeding cobras in their homes. The Government shut down the program.

Now there were, even more, snakes in Delhi.

Long story short, we helped design a better EVP framework instead.

RCA really does have your back.