No such thing as Ideation

The first step to developing better ideas – stop ideating.

Sitting down to ideate is as the old saying goes – treating the symptoms.

An Idea is a gestalt. It occurs as a side effect of being able to connect widely disparate dots.

It’s not a volitive, cognitive-process. Saying, “I’m going to read a book” is not the same thing as saying “I’m going to have an idea.”

Deciding to read a book is an act of immanent volition. Having an idea, on the other hand, is a wonderfully complex thing.

It’s also a side effect.

What Drs Heilman, Nadeau and team point out in their 2003 study, is fascinating. Here’s an excerpt.

“…Although extensive knowledge and divergent thinking together are critical for creativity they alone are insufficient for allowing a person to find the thread that unites. Finding this thread might require the binding of different forms of knowledge, stored in separate cortical modules that have not been previously associated.”

Ideas do NOT happen on demand. They occur as a side effect of creating the right circumstances for having one.

People, knowledge, playing-field, time, context, atmosphere, venue and facilitator.

Fix the circumstances and ideas will happen.