Linking Linkedin Posts

A passing thought about interlinking my Linkedin posts to see if it any new connections surface.

I’ve been writing tiny 1300 character posts on LinkedIn over the last couple of years. Today I went browsing through those archives and realised there are some topics i revisit often and in different contexts.

Information and knowledge management, for instance, seems to come up a lot. A fair bit on design philosophy too. Also that odd thing, design-thinking, but those posts were largely to make it clear that I’m a sceptic.

If I’m repeating myself so much, maybe i should try interlinking them to see what concepts connect? The plan is to link them using zim-wiki on my desktop.

So after the jam this Sunday (we’re drawing at Rangoli metro) I plan to do just that.


All LinkedIn posts migrated to my Wiki. Cross linking for another day.