Design gets life

When modelling solutions using design fiction, it is important to not break the fourth wall, even in whacky territory.

Its why Jackie Chan slides down several floors of electrical lights, in one single take, in the 1989 classic action movie – Police Story.

Jackie knew he had to create a persistence of belief in his audience to make the final sequence make sense. He chose the hard way out and created cinema history.

Getting people to suspend disbelief is hard.

Time magazine had trouble suspending disbelief in 1966 when it reported that “Remote shopping, while entirely feasible, will flop…” It was simply being realistic for its moment in time.

Which ironically turned out to be unrealistic in the long run.

Real life is funny like that. It is why possibility theory even makes sense.

An analyst sees user stories as the same information in different contexts. Designers see frame stories with many individual narratives, each unique in the way it plays out. Different, fuzzy information.

A designer chooses possibilities over realism in the short term because the fuzziness in design fiction resembles the messiness of life.

Life is strange and weird. Fortunately, design gets life.