We are entering a new era of design-augmented consulting.

Old news for some. A WTF-just-happened jolt for a lot of others.

This convergence is interesting for two reasons.

One, the fact that management consulting firms and strategic-design consulting firms arrived at the strategy-to-execution nexus, from completely opposite ends.

One is analytical, market-driven and engineers from the outside in. Industry best practices refactored to be unique to your business.

The other is synthetic, starts from the inside and moves outward. Customer first, and always.

The other interesting thing about this convergence is how both types view digital transformation.

Management consulting sees it as a change in systems and models. They see change as a wave, and advocate paradigmatic thinking.

Strategic-Design consulting sees it as a change in practices and behaviour. They see change as small emergent pools and advocate narrative thinking.

Paradigms are useful for comparing states. Before and after, for example.

Narratives are useful because they describe states. Journeys, for instance.

The merging of these disciplines is a thing of beauty. Thanks for all the Ansoff matrices and mood charts, but this is where its really at.

Business just got interesting.