Burn my notes

i make a lot of notes and meticulously catalogue them so they can be burnt when I kick the bucket.

I showed my wife my elaborate note taking system, with all of its hacks and affordances for knowledge creation.

“So, what do you think?” I asked her.

“What should I do with it when you’re dead?” She asked me back.

If I look past that bit about my mortality, it was a good question.

“Burn it.” I replied.

You know why? Because it would be useless to anyone else. When I come across a new concept, I illustrate it with an example I’ve observed in daily life, seen in a movie, read in a comic book. Some of the connections I make can seem utterly tenuous to someone else. The summary for an entry may begin with “Remember when Vaishak from 9th grade called Mr.Purushotam …”

Really. Just burn it.